Athletic Traditions

Northeastern Colors and Mascot

the traditional school colors of red and black as well as the husky dog mascot are displayed proudly by more than 165,000 alumni living in 50 states and 122 countries.

足球外围网址northeastern adopted the nickname “huskies” in 1927, and the first husky appeared on campus on march 4 of that year. he came to boston’s north station by train from alaska and was greeted by more than 1,000 students and the university band. classes were canceled for the afternoon, and king husky was paraded with police escort for the four miles to campus.

足球外围网址king husky i ruled huntington avenue for fourteen years, and his successors have appeared at thousands of athletic events.

足球外围网址king husky’s memory is kept alive by students in their mr. and mrs. husky costumes, representing the energetic working student, symbolic of all northeastern undergraduates.

and the campus good-luck tradition? rub the nose of the husky statue in ell hall, and your fortunes are sure to rise.

Alma Mater

Music by Louis J. Bertolami, E’60, MBA’67
足球外围网址 Lyrics by Joseph Spear

Oh, Alma Mater here we throng
And sing your praises strong.
Your children gather far and near
And seek your blessings dear.
Fair memories we cherish now
And will forever more.
Come, let us raise our voices strong.
足球外围网址 Northeastern we adore.